In 2002 we flew from our home in Hong Kong to Bali for the first time with our 6 month old baby and we fell in love with the Island of the Gods.

We soon returned, this time with another baby on the way and a mission to find a holiday home where our children could have space, clean air, beaches, sunshine, and freedomWe found our piece of paradise by accident, peering through the palm trees from a villa we were visiting in The Bukit – a breezy, hilly area near Uluwatu that, in those days, was a sleepy backwater. The view was to die for, dropping away dramatically and unravelling towards a 200 degree view of the ocean in the distanceThere and then we decided that this was the spot for us.

Over the past 20 years we have slowly and carefully developed our dream villa, a series of grass-roofed bales, pools, and gardens hugging the hillside, all with a spectacular view, but none having a negative impact on the local landscape.  We have echoed many elements of the traditional way of building in Bali – coconut pillars, palimanan stone, alang-alang roofs – and filled the garden with indigenous flora which has blossomed into a tropical wonderland which we can’t quite believe (given our distinct lack of gardening acumen).

Today the area around us has evolved into one of the coolest spots on the planet – gourmet restaurants, beach clubs, cliff top hotels and yoga studios abound – but the view remains the same and we still have to pinch ourselves every time we arrive at the villa.  We look forward to sharing it with you.